List of Symposia


MACRO-AREA 2 – Ionics in Communication and Robotics

II-1 – Low-dimensional ionic and mixed ionic/electronic conductor nanostructures

Nini Pryds, Vincenzo Esposito, Jennifer Rupp, William Chueh, Stephen Skinner, Matthew Rosseinsky

II-2 – Realization of new functional optoelectronic oxide based materials: experiment and theory

David Ginley, Hideo Hosono, Kristen Persson, John D. Perkins, Klaus Ellmer, Ryan O’Hayre

II-3 – The science and technology of 2D materials

Francesco Bonaccorso, Stephan Roche, Mark Hersam, Xinliang Feng, Vittorio Pellegrini, Clare Grey, Teofilo Rojo

II-4 – Ionics of Memristor/Resistive Switches

Shu Yamaguchi, Manfred Martin, Ilia Valov, Joshua Yang