Each Abstract will be submitted to one of the Symposia of the SSI-21 Conference. The Symposia are grouped into Macro-Areas. The description of the Macro-Areas is found in this link. Make sure to review all Macro-Areas since some Symposia with similar themes may be listed in different areas. Please, choose the Symposium with the closest theme to your own contribution and we will make every effort to include it there.

Nevertheless, all those contributions to SSI-21 that do not find home in any of the Symposia are also welcome and appreciated. If there is any difficulty in hosting your contribution in one of the suggested Symposia/Macro-Areas, please contact directly the Conference Chairmen at ssi21@dii.unipd.it to receive advice on the best accommodation for your contribution.

To submit your Abstract to the SSI-21 Conference, you must follow this procedure:


Once you choose the Symposium where you want to submit your Abstract, you will be re-directed to an online abstract submission form, which will guide you in the submission procedure. Each Abstract must be prepared following the template that can be downloaded below:


IMPORTANT: You must also upload your Abstract as a single .pdf file in the online abstract submission form to complete the submission procedure. This .pdf file is crucial for the Organizing Committee to avoid any mistake in the contents of your Abstract during the editing/formatting of the Book of Abstracts of the SSI-21 Conference

The complete details of the procedure for the submission of the Abstracts are found in the document that you can download here.