Local Information


The climate is continental, with great extremes of temperature. Summer is usually hot and humid. The temperature in June may vary between a minimum of 17°C and a maximum of 28°C.


In Italy, lunch is usually at 13.00, and dinner at about 20.00. Please note that it is difficult to find dinner served before 19.00 in Italy. For dinner, there are many small restaurants in Padova where you can have a pizza or an Italian dinner. Average prices vary from €12 to €30.

Local transport


Bus tickets are NOT sold on board; they can be bought at newsagents and tobacconists. If your trip is not within the urban area, specify your destination. You must stamp your ticket in the stamping machine as soon as you get on board; otherwise, it is not valid. Once stamped, the ticket is valid for 75 minutes, and in that time you can take as many different buses as you need without buying another ticket. Here you will find bus numbers, itineraries and timetables.


“Cooperativa Radio Taxi Padova” is a 24-hours radio taxi service. Taxis can be found at the train station or you can dial: +39 049 651333. Other information can be found here.

Car rental

Car rental agencies are available at most of the international airports. Their rates depend on the type of car and length of the rental period; they may increase if the car is returned to a different location.