Invited Speakers


MACRO-AREA 4 – General Aspects, Fundamentals and Theory in ion-conducting materials

IV-1 – Modelling and simulation of ion-conducting materials

Stephen Paddison

IV-2 – Advances in high spatial resolution probing of local heterogeneities in ion-conducting materials

Peter Crozier, David McComb, Y. Shirley Meng, M. Stanley Whittingham

IV-3 - Interfacial processes and nanoionics

Rotraut Merkle, Joachim Maier

IV-4 - Point defect chemistry of oxide materials

Yoed Tsur

IV-5 - Transport in Morphologically Heterogeneous Porous Media: Advancing Characterization from In-Situ to In-Operando

Iryna Zenyuk, Svitlana Pylypenko

IV-6 - Synchrotron and Neutron techniques for the study of ion-conducting materials

Sandrine Lyonnard, Gerard Gebel, Alexei Sokolov

IV-7 – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Solid State Ionics

Steve Greenbaum, Mallory Gobet