B: Campus "Fiore di Botta"











Ground Floor

B1 – B6 = Presentation Rooms for parallel sessions;
M3 = Meeting Room;
SR2 = Speaker’s Room;
i = Information Desk.






First Floor

B7 – B10 = Presentation Rooms for parallel sessions;
M4, M5 = Meeting Room;








The Campus of Biology and Biomedicine “Fiore di Botta” is a very modern and large building of the University of Padova, attracting every day thousands of students and faculty. During the inauguration (1 October 2014), the Rector of the University of Padovastated: “This building will be a crucial tool to ensure a didactic activity of the highest quality; it is placed in a prestigious context and exploits the most advanced technologies. Accordingly, students and faculty will be in the best conditions to guarantee that the university teaching and learning are effective and comfortable.” The Campus hosts 14 courses of study; each year, it is able to provide the necessary spaces 22.000 hours of frontal lectures and 33.000 hours of laboratory activities to 2.500 students.