The ISSI Senior Scientist Award


Established in 2016, the ISSI Senior Scientist Award is the highest honor offered by the ISSI. The award has been established to recognize the work of distinguished senior scientists and more broadly, their contributions to the Solid State Ionics field and Community.

The first ISSI Senior Scientist Award will be presented to Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry Department, Binghamton University, New York.

Professor Whittingham has had a profound impact on the field of solid state ionics and particularly on the science and technology underlying today’s prevalent lithium rechargeable battery technology. Furthermore, he has contributed extensively to the education of students in materials chemistry, to the scientific literature, to technology development during his time at Exxon Research Laboratory and to his profession via the organization of numerous symposia, for which he has been recognized with many awards. Particularly relevant to the ISSI award, Professor Whittingham served as President of ISSI from 2009-2011, and as Editor of the journal - Solid State Ionics.

Prof. Whittingham, and each subsequent ISSI Senior Scientist Award recipient, will present a special invited talk at the respective SSI conference. This bi-annual award consists of an award certificate, ISSI Life Membership, complimentary SSI meeting registration and travel assistance to the conference at which Award is to be presented. Please note that the award will not be given in years in which there are no appropriate candidates.

Prof. Whittingham will deliver his special invited talk on Thursday, 22 June 2017, h 8:00-8:45 in Hall 7 of "Padova Fiere", in the Plenary Room. The special invited talk of Prof. Whittingham will be entitled:

“Solid State Ionics – The Key to the Discovery, Introduction and Domination of Lithium Batteries for Portable Energy Storage”

Summary of the Special Invited Talk