Thursday, February 8, 2024
Classical stochastic methods, part 2

The third day is dedicated to the presentation of the theoretical and numerical tools needed to computer dynamic properties of complex system employing a stochastic approach. Students will learn how to parametrize and solve simple stochastic equations.

8:30-10:00 Lesson 3 – Module 1 Fokker-Planck and Smoluchowski equations, equilibrium distribution, correlation functions, non-equilibrium stationay state dynamics with application to molecular motors.
(D. Frezzato)
10:00-10:45Coffee break

10:45-12:15Lesson 3 – Module 2

Numerical treatment of stochastic models, theory of linear responses.
(A. Polimeno)
12:30Social lunch“Vecchia Padova” restaurant
14:30-16:00Exercise 3

Numerical solution of 1D Smoluchoski equations.
(A. Polimeno, M. Zerbetto)
16:30-18:00Independent exercises and discussion