Program and Registration (01.02.2024)

The final program is on-line!

The registration will be done in Aula N before starting the lesson, on Tuesday Feb., 6th. Students are kindly asked to be in the classroom 10 minutes in advance of the lesson.

A member of the group will be present in the main entrance of the Department (via Marzolo, 1) to help finding the way to Aula N.

Bank Transfer Troubleshooting (07.11.2023)

If problems are encountered in ordering a bank transfer (“bonifico” in Italian) between foreign and italian banks, it is in general possible to go to any bank in Italy and ask to order a “bonifico” paying by cash. The data reported in the step 2 of the registration procedure (link to Registration page) is all the information needed to order the bank transfer.

Note that banks apply fees for the bank transfers paid by cash. Therefore it is suggested to consult the bank policies to know the fee.

The bank releases a receipt of the orded of bank tansfer. In step 3, please send a PDF copy of the receipt via email.

If other problems are encountered in ordering the bank transfer, please contact

Equivalence to Ph.D. Course (06.11.2023)

The Ph.D. School on Molecular Sciences of the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Padua recognizes the equivalence of the SMS2024 school ad a Ph.D. course. Students who are willing to include the school in their studies plan will have to produce a report of the exercises, which will be evaluated from the teachers.

Students from other Ph.D. Schools must fist check with the chief of their school if they want to include the SMS2024 school in their plan. If further information is required, please contact:

Registrations open (17.10.2023)

The registrations to the school are now open. Please follow the link “Registration” in the upper menu.

3 steps are requires to register: i) fill in the google form, ii) pay the participation fee via bank transfer, and iii) send the payment receipt to the organizers.

The deadline for the registration is December 22, 2023.

School on Stochastic Methods and Simulations (01.09.2023)

The Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padua, Italy, announces the first school on stochastic methods: Stochastic Methods and Simulations, SMS. The school is in collaboration with the “Divisione di Chimica Teorica e Computazionale (DCTC)” of the “Società Chimica Italiana (SCI)”.

The title of the school is “Classical and Quantum Stochastic Approaches for the Interpretation of Dynamic Processes in Condensed Phases” and it is tailored for master degree and Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral fellows. A basic expertise on classical and/or quantum computational methods, as well as basic programmi skills, is suggested to tackle the exercises effectively.

The school will be held in Padova, at the Department of Chemical Sciences, on February 6th to 9th, 2024.