Classical and Quantum Stochastic Approaches for the Interpretation of Dynamic Processes in Condensed Phases

The school on Stochastic Methods and Simulations (SMS24) aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the modeling approach for describing dynamic processes in complex systems in condensed phases, employing a multiscale representation of these systems.

At the core of such an approach is statistical mechanics, which provides the tools to bridge the gap between the atomic-level description and what is commonly referred to as the ‘coarse-grained’ representation of the molecular system.

The school is targeted to Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows, particularly those with expertise in the main techniques of computational chemistry, encompassing both classical and quantum methods.

For Ph.D. students: the Ph.D. School in Molecular Sciences of the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padua recognizes this school as a Ph.D. course. Those who are willing to include this school in their Ph.D. studies plan will have to produce a report of the exercises, that will be evaluated by the teachers.
Students from other Ph.D. Schools must first check with the chief of their School if this equivalence holds. For any information, please contact: mirco.zerbetto@unipd.it

The school is in collaboration with the “Divisione di Chimica Teorica e Computazionale” (DCTC) division of the “Società Chimica Italiana” (SCI).

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Financial contribution from the Department of Chemical Sciences at the University of Padova within the framework of the Department-of-Excellence programme ‘Complexity in Chemistry (MUR-DE-2023)’ is acknowledged.


The school is scheduled from February 6th to 9th, 2024, in Padua.

Lectures in the morning will be given at “Aula N”, Department of Chemical Sciences.

Exercises in the afternoon will be conducted at the computer laboratory LabP036.

Aula NComputer lab


The school has a duration of 4 days. Mornings will be dedicated to classroom lectures, while afternoons will focus on practical exercises.

The program consists of 17 hours of lectures, 8 hours of guided exercises, and 6 hours of self-directed exercises. Discussions among the participants will be encouraged.

The program can be found in the following pages.


Registration is now closed

We thank all who registered to attend the school and look forward to meet you in Padova on Feb. 6, 2024!