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The following scientists have agreed to give an invited lecture:


Pietro Favia, University of Bari, Italy

Plasma processes for surface modification of biomedical materials (and more)


Karol Hensel, Comenius University, Slovakia  

Discharges in porous foams and capillary tubes


Kinga Kutasi, Wigner Research Centre for Physics HAS, Hungary  

The role of modelling in the design of low pressure afterglow systems in binary and ternary Ar/N2/O2 mixtures for applications


Bruce R. Locke, Florida State University, USA

Can plasma processes compete with other advanced oxidation processes for water treatment?


Davide Mariotti, University of Ulster, United Kingdom

Si-based quantum confined nanocrystals by atmospheric pressure plasmas


Jerzy Mizeraczyk, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Can plasma processing be competitive with the other methods for hydrogen production?


Bratislav M. Obradovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Diagnostics and applications of water falling film DBD reactor


Stéphane Pasquiers, CNRS, Univeristé Paris XI, France

Dissociation against oxidation kinetic for the conversion of VOCs in non-thermal plasmas of atmospheric gases


Stephan Reuter, Leibnitz Institute for Plasma and Technology, Germany

Interaction of pasma jets with liquids for biomedical applications


Keping Yan, Zhejiang University, China

Advanced electrostatic precipitation technique for PM2.5 emission control


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