Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecular Materials


The Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecular Materials (SCMM) group is oriented to international collaborations, especially with European and Asian institutions. The research focuses on the characterization of materials. Two main classes of chemical systems are considered:

-      Materials for renewable energies and circular economy

-      Materials for microelectronics and artificial intelligence

Physical-chemical properties of electro and/or photoactive molecular systems are investigated to suggest innovative devices to support green and sustainable developments and advanced and digitalized systems. Research topics of the SCMM group include heat and mass transfer processes, interfacial and bulk mechanisms, stress and aging effects, dynamics of chemical reaction networks.



Recent publications:

1.      Monitoring the mixing of an artificial model substrate in a scale-down laboratory digester, Renewable Energy, 2019, 132, 351-362.

2.      Steam storage systems for flexible biomass CHP plants - Evaluation and initial model based calculation, Biomass and bioenergy, 2019, 128, 105321:1-9.

3.      Characterization of tin-oxides and tin-formate crystals obtained from SnAgCu solder alloy under formic acid vapor, New Journal of Chemistry, 2019, 43, 10227-10231.

4.      Relaxation phenomena and conductivity mechanisms in anion-exchange membranes derived from polyketone, Electrochimica Acta, 2019, 319, 253-263.

5.      Formation of tin-based crystals from a SnAuCu alloy under formic acid vapor, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018, 42, 19232-19236.


Contact: Dr. Fosca Conti (fosca.conti@unipd.it)