European Winter School on Physical Organic Chemistry

Past Editions

The topic of the 2019 School has been Transforming Our Future: From Biological to Bio-inspired Artificial Systems Program2019

The topic of the 2018 School has been Soft Matter: fundamentals, concepts and applications Program2018

The topic of the 2017 School has been Sensors And Receptors Program2017

The topic of the 2016 School has been Functional surfaces in chemistry and biology Program2016

The topic of the 2015 School has been Chemistry and Chemical Processes in Confined Spaces Program2015

The topic of the 2014 School has been Physical Organic Chemistry of Complex Systems Program2014

The topic of the 2013 School has been Supramolecular Chemistry Program2013

The topic of the 2012 School has been Catalysis Program2012

The topic of the 2011 School has been Material Chemistry Program2011

The topic of the 2010 School has been Chemical Biology Program2010

The topic of the 2009 School has been Catalysis Program2009

The topic of the 2008 School has been Reactive Intermediates Program2008

The topic of the 2007 School has been Biology Program2007











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