Elisabetta Collini

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Sciences - University of Padova


2D Electronic Spectroscopy Lab


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01/11/2017 - 31/10/2020

COPAC is a transformative novel area in computing both because of the technology, coherent information transfer by ultrafast laser addressing of engineered quantum dots, QD, arrays and because of the specialized parallel processing of large amounts of information. We will make foundational experimental, theoretical and algorithmic innovations to demonstrate a new technological paradigm for ultrafast parallel multi-valued information processing....

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Q-PV (PRIN 2015)

10/02/2017 - 09/02/2020

The Q-PV project aims at providing a deeper understanding on the role and relevance of quantum effects in hybrid nanosystems, potentially exploitable in real PV applications. We want to answer both the fundamental question “are quantum mechanisms relevant in the dynamics and efficiency of the transport?” and “can we control these effects to design new PV nanomaterials that can break the limits of classical physics?”


01/03/2012 - 28/02/2018

Quantum-coherent drive of energy transfer along helical structures by polarized light. QUENTRHEL is aimed to the development of new spectroscopic tools able to unveil the presence and the nature of vibrational modes acting during the energy migration and possibly driving coherent mechanisms of energy transfer in artificial helical systems....

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01/09/2012 - 28/02/2016

MULTI-valued and parallel molecular logic. MULTI aims at proposing a new approach to computing at the nanoscale that gives up the notion of the conventional Boolean ‘true-false’ switches....

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01/09/2013 - 30/11/2016

Phonon-Assisted Processes for Energy Transfer and Sensing. This project addresses the newly emerging frontier between biology and quantum physics by aiming to determine the role of coherent vibrational dynamics in the efficiency of energy storage in natural and artificial light harvesting systems, as well as in odour recognition.

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Research Interests

Ultrafast spectroscopy, 2D electronic spectroscopy, energy transfer processes

Photophysics and excited state dynamics of multichromophoric systems (biological antenna complexes, conjugated polymers, molecular aggregates, and multibranched molecules) in solutions and nanostructured films or matrixes. Spectroscopic and dynamic characterization of energy and charge transfer processes for organic electronics applications. Experimental detection of quantum-coherent mechanism in trasport processes.

Recent Publications

E.Collini, 'Biophotonics: That quantum feeling'Nature Physics, 13, 1040, 2017

E.Meneghin et al., 'Mechanistic insight into internal conversion process within Q-bands of chlorophyll a'
Scientific Reports,7, 11389, 2017

L.Bolzonello et al., 'Correlated Fluctuations and Intraband Dynamics of J-Aggregates Revealed by Combination of 2DES SchemesJPCLett, 7, 4996, 2017