Nanochemistry for Energy and Health (NExuS) is a “Dipartimenti di Eccellenza” project of the Department of Chemical Sciences (DiSC) at the University of Padua, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. NExuS aims at the enhancement of the skills housed at DiSC for i) understanding and controlling phenomena involved in molecular aggregation and cooperation processes, ii) describing their multiscale nature (from molecules, to molecular aggregates to nanostructured materials and extended micrometric interfaces).

Building on the solid international reputation of DiSC and its recognized leading role at the national level in chemistry and nanotechnologies, NExuS includes several actions which will be pursued by DiSC to develop its:

  • research activities: through the acquisition of new skills, in particular in the synthesis of functional polymers for the development of hybrid organic-inorganic nanosystems for energy and nanomedicine;
  • educational activities: with the creation of new training roadmaps dedicated to the chemistry of nanosystems within the framework of master degree and PhD courses managed by DiSC;
  • technological actvities: by creating a new research infrastructure dedicated to the synthesis and characterization of functional nanosystems, open to industry.

Achieving these objectives will allow DiSC to further develop its research and educational impact on the national and international scene and to support with increased efficacy a modern and ambitious vision of Chemistry, capable to provide new tools to face the urgent challenges of sustainable development.