Bio Organic Chemistry group

The Bio Organic Chemistry group synthesises and studies peptides containing the α-aminoisobutyric acid, Aib, and many other Cα,α -dialkyl amino acids. 

The group is engaged in the following research lines:

  • synthesis, conformation, mechanism of action and bioactivities (antibacterial and antitumor) of the naturally-occurring peptaibiotics
  • antimicrobial photodynamic therapy
  • textiles functionalized with antibacterial peptides for biomedical applications
  • peptide nanotechnology: peptido-rotaxanes, peptide-decorated metal nanoparticles, self-assembled peptide polymers
  • synthesis and conformation of peptides with rigid and well-defined 3D-structure (e.g., α-, 310- and 2.05-helices or turns)
  • peptide helices as rigid structural elements for spectroscopic studies and for electron transfer and photovoltaic applications.

Open Positions

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Tema: peptidi per uso dermatologico e medical device
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