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ThesEuS (Thermometric Europium Simulator) is a freely downloadable MATLAB app, that implements a modified Mott-Seitz model used to predict the thermometric response of europium-based luminescent thermometers using specific molecular parameters. In the current version, three possible deactivation channels have been considered: two competitive metal-related terms describing the primary deactivation channels, i.e. back energy transfer and multiphonon quenching, and a third ligand-related  term to describe non-radiative deactivation of the antenna triplet.


ThesEuS is based on a quite simple description of the temperature dependent phenomena with well-defined limits of applicability and predictive capabilities. As a  general rule of thumb on the model performances: it will tend to provide the correct temperature range for the maximum sensitivity of the thermometer and hence, its range of applicability, with the numerical values of Sr being usually underestimated. In the worst-case scenario, hence, the real thermometer will show Sr values at least as predicted by the model.”

ThesEuS can be downloaded using the following links:


ThesEuS  Help



Matlab users





                                               Win10                                                                          macOS Catalina

Note for Matlab users: ThesEuS was developed and compiled with Matlab 2020a. Other versions have not been tested.

non-Matlab users





                                              Win10                                                              macOS

Note for non-Matlab users


To run ThesEsuS needs Matlab Runtime 2020a. The installer will automatically download the required Runtime (ca. 700 MB).


When launched Theseus needs some time to open (and first run once open), please be patient...