Functional Molecules and Inorganic Nanosystems Laboratory



- nuovi Concetti, mAteriali e tecnologie per l'iNtegrazione del fotoVoltAico negli edifici

in uno scenario di generazione diffuSa-CANVAS

- Piano Operativo della Ricerca - Ricerca e Sviluppo sull'idrogeno.   

- Computational modelling for long term inter-sectoral advanced knowledge on Non-Newtonian fluids (NNF).   


                             Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research


- FIRB  RBAP114AMK, Integrated Network for NanoMedicine - RINAME


- FIRB  RBPR05JH2P, Technological Platform: National Research Network on Nanosciences ItalNanoNet


- PRIN 20097X44S7, Rare-Earth CORe-based functional materials for innovative Devices - RECORD


- PRIN 20154X9ATP, Towards a Sustainable Chemistry: Design of Innovative Metal-Ligand Systems for Catalysis and Energy    Applications.







Synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanosystems (thin films, nanopowders) through liquid phase soft-chemical approaches

Functionalization of nanostructures with molecules and metal complexes through chemical grafting and/or embedding

Self-assembly and organization of coordination driven metallo-supramolecular architectures

            University of Padova


- Young Researchers Grant call 2013,Coordination driven lanthanoid supramolecular capsules as highly efficient luminescent materials.


- Bird2017, Computational and syntHetic Investigations on self-assembly cooRdination Nanocapsule -  CHIRoN